2015 - Cactus Club Dinner

From the left Ken Fowler, then his wife, Ellen Holmes (red jacket);

Across the table from the left Ted Severud, Gerry Moores, Sharon Boston, then her sister, Dave Lea (green shirt);


Far side of the table (next to Dave Lea) is Linda James, Ken McRoberts, Al James’ wife Irene, then Al James

This side of the table Ellen Holmes (red jacket), Ken McRobert’s wife Susan Chapman,  Merrilee Mitchell and her husband Ev.  [The server is standing at the end of the table.]


Other side of table from the left: Ken Scheck, Bob Malcolm,  Judy Campbell, Mike Spittlehouse, Darlene Lohn (sipping drink)

This side of the table:  Server standing.  Not sure of the first seated person,  Sharrie Farrell, Doreen Kissack, Margaret Hunter, Jean Sherman 


This photo is the mirror image of #1 – so the person not named in #1 is Madelaine Davis sitting on Ken Fowler’s left and across from Ted Severud.
In blue top Sharon Garrard, then Doreen Kissack, then Ron McPherson, Margaret Hunter.
Ken McRoberts and his wife Susan, and Terry Stewart
Karen McClure and Ken Scheck
David Joseph and Marie Cowie
Ken McRoberts and his wife Susan, and Gerry Moores