The Gradettes

Sharon Frame,  Mary Lundy,  Heather MacVicor,  Diane Smith, Merrilee Mitchell,  Donna Wood,

If you don't like your photo, you sign across your face?

School Dances

The Fourgone Conclusions

Dave Lea, Glen Phillips, Don Vance, Peter Smiley

Student Council

House Cabinet - Some that we remember:

Front Row Left: Ebba Rasmussen. Third Row: Ken McRoberts, Karen McClure, Bev Cushman, Scott Douglas, Back Row: Mr. Barnard, Mr. Miller, canít remember the next person, Mr. Green, Mr. Cook, Terry Stewart.


Dave Lea and Fred Dalgleish when they were 12 yr. old "Little Leaguers" (1955 Canadian champions - then on to California for the semis - sadly, they lost after the first game but they got to see Disneyland in its second week after opening). And the grad invite...

Athletic Directors:

From Left: Roberta Stansfield  [Gr 11], Terry Stewart, Ebba Rasmussen, Rick Reynolds [Gr 11], Diane Smith - Yay, Smitty!!! Thanks for all the great parties, Gerry Cahill, Sharon Henderson [Gr 11], Kevin Green