How to post to our Forum/Message Board

The Message Board contains "Forums". A couple are:

I remember is for your memories that aren't necessarily tied to another Kitsie. For example, you remember when Jimmie Rodgers came to Kits' auditorim but wasn't allowed to sing for some strange reason...

Remembering a Kitsie is for your memories of one of Kitsies who've passed on.

If you want new Forums, please click [Contact] in the menu and send us a message.

1. Bring up the Message Board. Click [MESSAGE BOARD] from the menu:


2. Select a Forum

3. Click on an existing Topic to view that Topic or reply to it. Below, "I remember" Forum has been displayed and it shows 2 Topics. The cursor is about to click on "Old memories..."


4. Here we are at Old memories. There are 3 posts:


5. You can Reply to a post. Just scroll down to the bottom of the screen. You will see a "Reply To" area:


6. Click the "Breadcrumb" links at the top of the screen to move back up the chain:


7. Create a Topic or add to an existing one. Click on "Message Board" to get back to the start:


8. Below is a New Topic in the Forum "I remember". Enter Name, Email, Topic Title and your information, then click the [Submit] button to post. If there's an error, a message will display...