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    Fred Dalgleish

    Neil Clarke, my best childhood friend. Neil and I grew up together from an early age (8 or 9) and we spent many, many days together throughout the years. Neil lived on West 3rd at Waterloo, I lived at 5th and Trutch (Byron Williams lived directly across the street from me). Neil and I had a standing order at Christmas: the two of us would go out caroling around the area between Trutch and Alma, from West 7th down to West 2nd. In those days, our parents let us out at night on our own. But it was a chance for us to earn some money – typically 15 cents per house, even 25 cents in later years. As I recall, we needed 25 cents (or maybe just 10 cents…memory fades) for the Hollywood theatre at the Saturday matinee. The two of us would sit upstairs in the balcony area, always with a lot of boyhood giggling.

    I remember one Christmas, not sure exactly what year, but we were at a house near 5th and Bayswater, 3rd house down across from the park – that’s how vivid the memory is…we’d walked up the cement steps to the top, knocked on the door. As it opened, we prepared to sing, but stopped dead in our tracks. Behind the lady who answered the door, we saw our first television set… and we were awestruck. It wasn’t until many years later, around 1956 I think, that my family got its own set. By then, I’d moved to 10th and Trutch, right behind Super Valu. But that first sight of a TV was mind-blowing…


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