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    Ted Severud

    Passing the torch

    Today I met a young student on my High School stairs,
    With wide eyes he stared and asked me if I was for the fifty year reunion in there
    Yes I replied, and said I wished and hoped that in fifty years he could do the same as I.

    Time and Memories 10/09/2010

    Old hallowed halls, granite staircases, and rows of grey lockers with memories encased,
    A loved place of my youth and learning before being set free on a life of discerning,
    And it was a life of never ending experience and education that was here a beginning of the learning.

    On the Inside Out

    Memories of once upon a time,
    Once all of these present were good friends of mine.
    Time has marched on and some of the best of friends are gone.

    I sadly feel a bit like a wall flower or a piece of the furniture …
    The little cliques are forming like they did so many years before.
    There is no blame attached as it is so natural after so many years to act thus once more.

    Hail Kitsilano

    Hail Kitsilano of the gold and blue
    n my formative youthful learning years you were the glue
    I was put and held together, and proved my life and career because of you.

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    Ted Severud
      About our 55th Reunion:

    “Hail Kitsilano”
    “Class or 1960 – 55Th Reunion”

    A reunion today of old high school friendships long ago made
    The school song, “Hail Kitsilano” was sung with gusto by all
    It brought back so many good memories for me of love and family
    to recall

    An Extraordinary Evening
    “KHS 1960 Reunion”

    It was an extraordinary evening

    Seeing once again the people that I grew to manhood with,
    and knew over fifty years ago

    Within just moments of time, all the years’ in-between then
    and now disappeared, with old friendships once again
    to renew and know

    Fiat Lux
    “Let There Be Light”

    “Let there be light” was the motto by which we grew and learned
    Ir gave us light and it gave us hope; and it gave us the
    determination and courage to face our future to be earned

    It was and is a grounding statement that I so often quote,
    in searching for reason and truth based from those years
    so well taught and learned

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