From Ted Severud - 2018

Kitsilano Secondary 100th Anniversary    1918 - 2018


                                                                                               TM Severud

                                                                                        14 May 2018  

It is a strange unsettling feeling  

When the old world you once knew changes into something                  Kitsilano 100Th Anniversary

           different and new                                                                                  “Kitsilano Secondary”

                                                                                                                                                                          “1918 – 2018”

You can appreciate what has been updated and replaced; while at the same time

        you miss what you once had loved that stood there in the very same place


                                    The old ivy covered outside walls were left still standing as they were  

   Hail Kitsilano                  The work done inside to make the new school light, open and airy

“Hail Gold & Blue”                        was outstanding to view  

                                    Regardless of how fresh and new, the old memories of the school I loved

                                             and knew will always be in my mind to review and renew


I went for a walk down a familiar avenue of my youth  

Down a shaded tree lined street that I once so well travelled                                Down 12th Avenue

          and so well knew  

Surrounded by oddly familiar old well kept houses on both sides as I passed,

        and full of memories for me of my school years past


                        A Sunshinerdinner of a reunion of the Class of 1960  

Classmates        A gathering of old friends and classmates from so many happy years ago

 “Kits 1960”                         in the days of when                                      

                        Sadly missing and gone are some of my closest and dearest that I will never

                                  in this life see again 


Hail gold and blue and all that those words mean to me now in review  

It was at Kitsilano that I got my grounding and the start to a happy life               Hail God & Blue

          of promise and success  

It is to that wonderful old school that I gladly sing her praises of truth,

                   honour and glory to Kitsilano High that we address 


Derek Cook sent us this ... an Open House November 20, 1959

From Ebba back in 2016 ...
April 2016...From Ebba.

The Danes in Vancouver celebrated the Danish Queen’s birthday with a dinner on Saturday night, and the Queen always sends two of her Royal Guards to play fife and drum. They came to the church on Sunday morning and played for us again during coffee, and then invited us to come and try on their hats….

Yes, that is a real bear skin hat – Canadian bear that is – and very heavy too.