Our earlier reunions and birthdays

Reunions have been held every five years since 1965. If anyone has memories or photos of these past reunions please send them to us. Please remember to include the dates and names, etc.

30th REUNION 1990

Friday, May 25 Brockton Oval Clubhouse

Saturday, May 26 Vancouver Planetarium 

Music by Bruce Bissell and Red Robinson


Saturday, May 6 Brockton Oval Clubhouse

Zan Zacharias, Larry Economy, Steve Lambert, Rob Roy, Paul Shaw, Don McIntosh, Ron MacPherson, Bruce MacArthur, Richard Dickens, John Hendrikson, Donalda Snow Richardson, Mike Powley, Lynn Newman Carmichael,Geri Blackwood Chase, Gloria Geddes,Bob Umemura, Gary Prowse, Jim Wilson, Sharon Gerrard Whitton,Ebba Rasmussen, Derek Cook, Mike Parker, Sharon Boston, Morey Anderson, Karen Montcrieff, Marg Hunter, Jack Edwards, Steve Vrlak, Jessie Basey Martin, Tom Mullard,Peter Smiley, Gerry Cahill, Terry Stewart, Shirley Harrison, Ross Porter, Adrianne McIntyre, Katja Jancic, Madelaine David, Carol Kemp, Joan Black Bengough, George Wool, Craig Naylor, Heidi Hohne, Kevin Green, Betty Scarr Knight, Merrilee Mitchell Perret, Jan Holden, Fay Ewart, Pat Vander Ree, Mary Lundy Lutz, Ken Fowler, Lynneve Cox, Neal Clarke, Dianne Wilson, Gerry Moores, Doreen Kissack Hazell, Jeanne Martin Pennell, Ted Pennell

60TH BIRTHDAY  JUN22,2002                         

Meraloma Clubhouse

Geri Blackwood Chase, Doreen Kissack Hazell, Donalda Snow Richardson, Judy Campbell Minchinton, Vicki Verrier Maddison

Byron Williams came the farthest - from the Grand Caymans, Larry Economy from Utah, Doreen Kissack from Ontario.

Snippets of conversation -

Larry Economy discussing a football play, remembering how the play developed, which player blocked for whom and what the result was.

Ron Watson correcting Jack Edwards on an important baseball game played right there with Kevin Green hitting the winning run to a win 3-2.

Geri Blackwood reminding Sharon Garrard of the fashion column they wrote for the KHS Life.  She brought some great souvenirs - dance cards, copies of KHS Life, prefect cards, etc.

Sharon remembering the big question in grade 12 "who's been asked?" (meaning to grad).

Vicki Verrier reminded Craig Naylor that he had given her her first gift from a boyfriend in grade 8 or 9 - an engraved compact.

Bob Stone remembered his miraculous experience of being hit by lightning ( and being described as Mr. Lightening on TV news)

Jim Wilson, Norma Wilson and Sharon Boston took home the door prizes (made by Betty Scarr)


Lynneve Cox, Doreen Kissack Hazell, Sharon Gerrard Whitton, Terry Stewart. 

Donald Snow Richardson, Gwen Mott Hill, Sharon Gerrard Whitton, Linda Mcfarland Bater, Geri Blackwood Chase, Doreen Kissack Hazell

40th REUNION 2000

Friday       Meraloma Clubhouse, Connaught Park

Saturday  Bus trip through the old neighbourhood and a Boat Tour on the Destiny 1

Friday, in the pouring rain, ignoring the weather, a cozy atmosphere with a roaring fire, lots of chatter, old photos/memorabilia, barbecued hamburgers and beer.  The Kits Junion Rugby team, all ex-students of Bobby Umemura, handled the BBQ.  We sang Hail Kitsilano and "Put your foot on the soft, soft, soft pedal, don't make any noise...Kitsilano kids we're proud of you... etc.

Saturday, a lovely, warm fall day - To the White Spot with Triple O's delivered on a tray.  We meandered by Trafalgar, Bayview, General Gordon, Henry Hudson and Tennyson elementary schools, the old Orange Crush Bottling plant, the paper shack, 2955 Billiard Parlour, the houses of where we remembered schoolfriends living. Terry Stewart managed to keep everyone on their toes with his infallible memory (not) and Mike Powley and Richard Quast whose memories were not a clouded.

To Granville Island to board the Destiny 1, happy hour on another boat in dock, sailing under the Lions Gate Bridge with the cruise ship Sun Princess passing.  More Hail Kitsilano.  We enjoyed a chicken buffet. A sunset and the lights of Coal Harbour ended a perfect day.


Friday   Jericho Sailing Club



Saturday    False Creek Boat Tour

See SEPT 2005  page for names.